So What’s the Deal?

Those of you who have been with us on our journey as Kettle CornUtopia for awhile know that we use only the finest gourmet mushroom popcorn kernels. Butterfly popcorn is just not something that we have ever used. Now that we’ve opened our store front, we’ve changed our tune a little bit. I’ll explain more a little later, but first! Read a little excerpt of a blog I wrote back in January 2017 on our Kettle CornUtopia blog page. This will give you a little knowledge on the difference between mushroom & butterfly, and why one may be favored over the other in certain applications.

January 2017:

“So often we are asked what kind of corn we use, “because it’s not the kind they serve at the movies or in the microwave bags”. They are right! The type of corn you find in theaters or microwave bags is butterfly popcorn, we use a gourmet mushroom popcorn. What’s the difference?


Butterfly popcorn, other aliases are snowflake or firework, is very light, tender, and less sturdy than it’s cousin. This type of popcorn is has lots of nooks and crannies which is fantastic for holding butter (mmmmm…butter) and dry seasonings, like ranch or bbq. Because of the delicate “wings”, you’ll see this popped in fairly gentle conditions like a microwave or the bucket popper at the theater.




Mushroom popcorn is shaped similar to a baseball and doesn’t have the delicate “wings” like the butterfly does. It has significantly more surface space which makes it ideal for accepting various types of candy coating like caramel or kettle corn. That coating essentially seals the corn making it stay fresh and crispy much longer. The sturdy nature of this corn is able to stand up to the beating we give it in the kettle and the sifting table. The result is large, beautiful, evenly coated popcorn that gives you a satisfying crunch when you bite down on it.”


So what gives?

We use the gourmet mushroom kernels exclusively for candied popcorn. The big, beautiful kernels provide a lot of surface space that distributes the candied glaze nicely. It makes for an impressive presentation and gives you a really satisfying crunch.

We do what we call a “hybrid” of popcorn with all of our seasoned flavors. This is essentially a combination of mushroom and butterfly kernels. You get the satisfying crunch and bulk from the mushroom popcorn, and all the flavor from the butterfly popcorn which is hiding the seasoning in it’s nooks and crannies.

So there you have it. The method to our madness.

Until next time,

Popcorn Amy