Momma Always Said…

Momma always said,

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well!”. Sage advice to anyone looking to opening their own – insert anything here. From finding the right contractors and materials, to purveyors and decor to make your space look “spiffy”. It all takes time and patience. Lots of patience.

In a previous blog I talked about how you all have known us as Kettle CornUtopia since we started popping in 2012. In the Spring of 2016 it became apparent that it was time for us to grow (again) and start thinking long term. We had kicked around the idea of opening a shop for awhile up to that point, but didn’t see an exclusive kettle corn store as a viable option. Well, how about a gourmet popcorn shop with many flavors? Yes!

We knew early on that we wanted to be different and we didn’t want to rely on commercial premixes for our flavors. So we went to work blending spices and experimenting with candied popcorn. Some came easy and some were very difficult. But like safe crackers, we knew that if we kept at it, eventually we’d get the right combination(s). It took an entire year to come up with our portfolio of flavors and we are proud of what we offer!

In late 2016 we started looking for a space to open our shop and in early 2017 we honed in on the Harker Heights area. We were “hoping” to find a space that already had a commercial kitchen, but no such luck. Instead we stumbled across a space that used to be a hair salon. It had all the “bones” we needed, like finished floors, plumbing, great location, etc.

So then the REAL work started. There were contractors to hire and permits to apply for and MUCH shopping to do.

I’d like to tell you how hard everything was, but I’d be fibbing. I truly believe that timing is everything. When it’s right, it’s right, and things just seamlessly fall into place. For the most part, this was the case for us. Luck? Maybe a little. But preparation was the key. We had been planning for a year at this point.


This post isn’t about patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. It’s to share our journey in hopes that we will inspire the entrepreneur in you. Find what you love. Do what you love.

Welcome to our journey. We’re glad you’re here!

Until next time,

Popcorn Amy